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Center for Institutional, Faculty, and Student Success

The Center for Institutional, Faculty, and Student Success has been developed to advance the quality of teaching and learning by promoting a College culture where the VCOM community works collaboratively to champion educational excellence.

Academic Assistance

The Center’s number one concern is making sure 91Ƶ are academically successful. We provide academic assistance, free of charge, to all 91Ƶ that is tailored to meet your specific academic needs. We can assist you by helping to determine your academic strengths and weaknesses and then aiding you in designing your study plan, choosing study strategies, or referring you to other resources. The Center is proactive in its approach by constantly monitoring student progress and reaching out to students early in their academic careers should they need assistance. If you are struggling academically or just want to improve your GPA we can assist you!

Dr. Kenna M. Colley worked in a variety of roles at Radford University over 25 years. She served as the Provost and Chief Academic Officer, Dean of the College of Education and Human Development, Director of the School of Teacher Education and Leadership as well as serving as a faculty member and grant director in special education programs. Dr. Colley opened the Training and Technical Assistance Center (TTAC) at Radford University in 1996 (which is still thriving today) and obtained over $33 million dollars in education grants during her tenure. She spent the first ten years of her career as a special educator and leader in Maryland and Virginia public schools focusing on inclusive practices. After leaving Radford University in 2019, she worked for two years as the Executive Director of Pupil Services in Radford City Schools to assist in building the initiatives of Trauma Sensitive Schools, School-wide Positive Behavior and Instructional Supports, Social/Emotional Learning, Educational Equity, Response-to-Intervention and performed other student-related work with school leaders. Dr. Colley has presented nationally and internationally on topics related to inclusive practices and has co-published several articles in collaboration with her colleagues. Dr. Colley earned her bachelors from SUNY Geneseo, her masters from The Johns Hopkins University and her doctorate from Virginia Tech.


Mrs. Ousley is the Director for Student and Institutional Academic Success for the VCOM-Carolinas Campus and works with students to provide guidance related to time management, study skills, board preparation, and many other academic needs. She holds a Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Supervision and spent eight years in the K-12 public education setting as a classroom teacher. She is married to Dean, a high school administrator, and they are the parents of two little boys.


Kathy Friedenreich is the Director for Student and Institutional Academic Success at VCOM-Auburn Campus. Prior to joining VCOM, Mrs. Friedenreich worked as the Manager of Academic Support for the College of Engineering at Auburn University (AU). Kathy has also worked in academic support at AU in Athletics, the School of Nursing, and the College of Science and Mathematics. At VCOM, Kathy is directly involved in providing academic assistance to students who seek guidance with time management, study skills, board-preparation plans, study resources, and any other academic need.

She holds a B.S. in Education, an M.Ed. in Special Education, and is a nationally certified professional Academic Coach. She lived, worked, and taught overseas with the Department of Defense for many years prior to her husband’s retirement from the US Navy and their permanent return to the United States. Her specific area of interest lies in successful adult student learning.


Dr. Carlson is the Director for Student and Institutional Academic Success for the VCOM-Louisiana Campus. She provides academic assistance to students who need guidance with time management, study skills, board-prep study plans, study resources, or any other academic need. She holds a Doctor of Education Degree in Educational Leadership from Liberty University; a Master of Education, Curriculum, and Instruction Degree from Louisiana Tech University; and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Secondary Mathematics Education. Prior to joining VCOM, Dr. Carlson worked in the field of education for ten years, serving in the public education setting as a mathematics teacher and then in the higher education setting as an academic advisor. She is married to Scott, and they are parents of two little boys.


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